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Recommendations for Android Game Best Graphics

Android and iOS smartphones can now devour heavy games with HD quality graphics. What are Android game Best Graphics? That’s why, you can play mobile games with the best HD graphics today.

For your information, the highest Android smartphone specifications are now using Snapdragon 888, Kirin 9000, or even Exynos 2100 processors.

Then, it has also been supported by up to 12GB of RAM which is even much larger in capacity than mainstream laptops in general. Then, high-speed storage and a large battery with fast charging capabilities are also embedded.

Not to mention, there are special gaming features embedded by smartphone vendors in their flagship series. These gaming features make smartphone performance increase when users use it to play Android games with the best HD graphics.

Android Game Best Graphics

Now, talking about HD mobile games, we will share recommendations for mobile games with the best HD graphics on Android and iOS. Curious what Android Game Best Graphics are? Let’s see!

1. eFootball PES 2021

If you play soccer games on a PC or laptop, PlayStation 4, and other consoles, FIFA 2020 is indeed more stable to play. But, if you play ball games on an Android smartphone? eFootball PES 2021 is the answer, friend.

The reason is, the game with the best graphics in 2022 for Android from Konami offers the best graphics for an Android game. As the name implies, eFootball PES 2021 is also a soccer game that focuses on the world of eSports, because you as a player can fight other players online.

Apart from that, there are various game modes as well that you can participate in. Of course, for each game mode in the game with the best graphics for Android, there are rewards or prizes that will be received, one of which is players, money, and tokens.

2. Call of Duty Mobile

Recommendations for Android games Best Graphics will not be complete if we don’t include this one game. Call of Duty Mobile or CODM offers a first person shooter or FPS game experience for Android with commendable graphics.

Not only does it provide the best graphics, CODM also offers fun that will make your adrenaline as a player quite stimulated. There are two modes that you can play, Multiplayer and Battler Royale.

Especially Multiplayer, there are many matches that can be followed. Frontline, Deathmatch, Zombie, Sniper Only, and other thrilling matches. Then, these games can be played on popular maps in the Call of Duty franchise, such as Nuketown, Crash, Hijacked and others.

3. LifeAfter

Have you ever played the game Last Day on Earth? If on Android, LifeAfter is a game that can be said to be similar to its genre. This Android survival game made by NetEase provides HD graphics combined with a zombie world that is quite exciting.

In the best HD game on Android, you will be invited to survive in the midst of a zombie outbreak. In addition to surviving the onslaught of zombies, here you will be able to build a house as a place to live.

The fun thing is, you can join forces with other players to build a settlement and together survive, make weapons, exchange food ingredients, and so on.

4. Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions is a battle royale game featuring Gundam-style robot war gameplay. Yes, you can summon Gundam robots when fighting with other players.

This robot can be used when the battery is fully charged. You can choose various robots with different specialization skills. So your skill in controlling the robot can also be a determining factor.

Unique and sophisticated weapons also make Super Mecha Champions come up with something different from games of the same genre. Coupled with the location of the battle which is reminiscent of places in the middle of the city of Japan, which makes us feel the atmosphere of the Land of Sakura when playing it.

5. Real Racing

Love racing games? Real Racing can be the right choice for those of you who want to play racing games with the best HD graphics on Android. This game made by Electronics Arts (EA) presents quite realistic graphics with gameplay that can stimulate the adrenaline of the players.

How not, you as a player can race with the driver’s cockpit view. Can you imagine how it feels?

In addition, there are also many supercars, hypercars, to official racing cars from various well-known manufacturers, such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and others. All of these cars have a look that is almost like the real world.

6. F1 Mobile

You definitely know that the latest F1 games for PC require high specifications so that they can be played smoothly without lag. Yup! Because the F1 game presents high graphics with complex gameplay, it’s natural that you need high specifications to be able to play it without interruption.

Now, the official F1 game is also available on Android called F1 Mobile. The game made by Codemasters offers the best HD graphics, and is certainly very suitable to be played on high-spec smartphones.

You as a player will be tasked with creating your own F1 team against 10 other official F1 teams, such as Ferrari, McLaren, Mercedes, ALfa Romeo Racing, Red Bull Racing, and other teams.

There are several levels of difficulty that you can adjust while playing this game. But our advice is to use the highest level, so you can feel the sensation of racing. Moreover, F1 Mobile is presented with the best graphics. Interested?

7. The Sims Mobile

The next best recommendation for Android games with HD graphics is The Sims Mobile. Just like the PC version, The Sims Mobile allows you to create a character, live a normal life, interact with other NPCs, build a house, find a partner, build a family, and even have children.

Unlike other Android games that are thick with a competitive feel, you can play The Sims Mobile in a relaxed manner. You can focus on building a character that might fit life in the real world.

Here’s the fun. The Sims Mobile is actually a game that makes players seem to create their characters according to their own personalities.

8. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is not to be missed, friend. This Android game from Tencent provides fun gameplay to play, combined with the best HD graphics.

There are various modes that you can play here. Starting from Battle Royale, TDM or Team Deathmatch, and others.

9. Gangstar Vegas

Do you like playing GTA V games on PC or consoles? Well, there is a game with the same genre that you can play on an Android smartphone, namely Gangstar Vegas.

This game combines the open world gameplay of GTA V and the best HD graphics. Of course, there are various missions and storylines to carry out. But what makes it fun, you can play “random” here.

That is, you can steal a car or motorbike, go around the city, look for enemies, and other random activities that you might also be able to do in the world of GTA V. Fun, right?

10. Marvel Super War

The recommendation for the last 2022 best graphic Android game is Marvel Super War. Of course you like or have watched Avengers movies in theaters or streaming platforms, right?

This MOBA game made by Marvel presents 5v5 battles using iconic superhero or villain characters from the Marvel Universe.

In addition to the excitement that is presented from the typical MOBA gameplay, you can also play the Marvel superheroes. Of course you can find Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Ant-Man, to Rocket Raccoon, for you to become a hero to destroy the opponent’s base.

The graphics displayed are also good and not inferior to other best HD Android games. Especially when these superheroes begin to issue their distinctive skills.

Well, those were the recommendations for 10 Android games with the best HD graphics that you can play and download via the Google Play Store. Happy playing, buddy! If you want to shop for game devices or consoles directly from Japan, you can check out this website


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